Friday, June 12, 2015

Woodlands Hills Winery

Atmosphere:  The winery is located in its own building. The interior is nice and welcoming. Pretty landscape and tucked away from the road.

Audience: When we first arrived we were greeted by two Golden Retrievers. We came on a Friday and we were the only ones here to start. As the time went on, a few more couples came for the live music. The bartender was new and young, but very friendly. Both the wine makers came in and were very friendly and welcoming and gave us samples of new vintages and were excited that we were back.

Wines: The wine selection was greatly improved since we came here last in 2012! The wines are no longer as sweet. The wines are mostly aged in oak and you can definitely tell. The 2013 Hunters Red wine was by far our favorite wine. It was much smoother and had a subtle hint of charred oak, unlike the 2012 vintage which was more robust and needed a little more time in the barrel. As the Hunters Red wine opened up more, it had a jammy flavor.  Great wine to sit on the porch with.

There were 3 whites, 1 rose, and 2 reds, and 1 port. Overall the whites were average for MN, and the port just tasted like rubbing alcohol. 

They also had a large selection of flavored oils and vinegars. Great for cooking with.

Wine Purchased:  Hunter 2013 

Overall notes: Good for people that are looking to escape the city and it is still close to home. We definitely will be back. ( Might be slightly dangerous as close as we are to this winery.)

Wine ranking: 7/10
Atmosphere ranking: 8/10
Price: $20ish a bottle, $6 per tasting (all wines per tasting), $7 a glass

                                   Minnesota Winery

Woodland Hill Winery

731 County Road 30 SE 
Delano MN 55328 

Tasting Room Hours

May 2015
Friday 2-8
Saturday 11-8
Sunday 12-5
June - Aug 2015
Thursday, Friday 2-8
Saturday 11-8
Sunday 12-5