Saturday, June 13, 2015

Buffalo Rock Winery

: The winery tasting bar was located outside. Unfortunately a lot of the ambience was ruined by the smell of citronella candles. 

Audience:the wine maker was pouring us wines. She was friendly. There was another couple that were at the tasting bar. Pretty nondescript location.

Wines: The wines consisted of mostly sweeter wines. The drier wines were missing that smooth characteristics we are used too. Most of the wines could use  a little more finessing as they seemed unfinished. There were a lot of wines using Concord grapes and as a result the wines tasted like Welches Grape Juice. The ports had a strong alcohol taste. The names on the wines were catchy, but seemed almost too cheesy to take seriously. 

Wine Purchased: none

Overall notes: This winery is not for us! This is the second try in 3 years and has not improved.

Wine ranking: 2/10

Atmosphere ranking: 4/10

Price: Average ($7 per tasting)

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