Sunday, June 7, 2015

James Perry Vineyards

Atmosphere:  The winery is located in the garage. Both wine makers were very friendly and it was a cozy atmosphere.
Audience: Grandparents and their daughter were enjoying a wine and were very excited to compare notes on different wineries around the state.

Wines: The wine selection was very limited. There were 4 whites and 1 red and 7 fruit wines. The red was semi sweet. It had a nice aroma and the flavor started out like the Hastings Reserve and finished off with a large vanilla flavor. The other wine that was good was their blackcherry which would make a good sangria. Wines were made in limited quantities and appeared to be more hobby farm style than true vineyard. 

Wine Purchased:  Jvp Red, and blackcherry 

Overall notes: Good for the ones that like sweeter wines and a smaller atmosphere. 

Wine ranking: 5/10
Atmosphere ranking: 6/10
Price: $15 a bottle, $5 per tasting (5 wines x per tasting), $5 per glass


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